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basic tee & shorts - uniqlo / jacket - lovebonito / necklace - forever21 + diy yellow nail polish

the bf and i got to spend a day together before he flew off to the land of pradas and pastas for 10 days! it was nothing eventful, just a simple day together, and that's what made it felt nice when i thought about it at the end of the day. :)

so anyway, we'd really wanted to try the famous tonkatsu by ma maison at mandarin gallery but the lunch shift ended when we got there! in the end we settled with a cheaper alternative at tampopo. the ramen soup was delish! we caught the dictator, crude and hilarious - as usual, decided to take home a dessert at jones the grocer, i actually paid for my apple crumble, stepped out of jones before i decided that i want to eat some cheese! it was good. i had a really mild blue cheese which didn't stink as much as i thought blue cheeses do. oh man, i could eat so much cheese. throw me some cheddar anytime.

my bf once said i behave like a cat and eat like a mouse.



Sandra Leiva said...

That jacket is so cute! <3

lizchewy said...

I adore floral print and I love your jacket. Cheese is so yummy!!


Chelsea Finn said...

That jacket, ah! It's just so beautiful and so wonderfully perfect for Spring/Summer!
And I'm the same way! I eat cheese pretty much everyday. Haha.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Ida said...

Aww, I like that necklace! I've been wanting more yellow things lately... bags, jewelry, tops! Such a great color but there seems to be a limited supply of yellow things.