the cat whisperer

i am like a kitty sensor. i have a keen sight for cats and can spot them from a distance. last week i spotted this fat kitty snoozing away like it's dreaming of tunas. 

 it was such an adorable sight i started to take photos of it close-up.
 then it woke up and stared right back at me.

 i was like "ohh kitty sorry i woke you up. go back to sleep ok kitty" (yeah btw, i talk to cats a lot, haha) and after i said that...

 kitty closed her eyes and continue napping.



Fashion R&D said...

I'm crazy about cats too! Very cute cat!

Alex said...

If I see a cat...I have to pet it!

Flight of Fancy Boutique said...

Such a super adorable cat! X

Unknown said...

aww .. such a lovely cat! said...

ur cat is awesome!!

proud of u <3

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LoveT. said...

How cute ♡ :) ,the Pictures are amazing ,love it!
i´m a new Follower

Lovely Greetings from Austria :)

Anonymous said...

sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

cute kittyyy! love your post love your blog and love all the photos <3 inspiring. hope we can do follow/link?

Anonymous said...
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