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annyeong haseyo!

i'm so hooked on watching running man! it's so hilarious and i must say that the programme directors and crew are so creative with the games they come up with. they play a lot of 'food' games and ever since the korean bbq game episode, i've been wanting to eat some korean food real bad and last saturday, we finally satisfied our cravings!

we had the korean bbq lunch buffet (one soup per person and unlimited meat!!!) at ju shin jung and it was really worth the money. the bulgogi beef was the bestest best meat out of the meats: pork collar, pork belly (not really a very pork person), prawns and chicken. and like what we learnt from watching running man, wrap the meat in the lettuce leaves, add whatever sauce, bean sprouts, onion, kimchi and stuff the entire thing into your mouth. it was so good i'm salivating at the thought of it. best to go for this buffet during lunch because it's cheaper, and also so that you don't have to eat for dinner cause' you'll be so full.

i want to go to korea next year!

ju shin jung
451 joo chiat road
singapore 427664

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Fashion R&D said...

That looks so good!!