wine shoes

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 so in love with my new shoes! they're 5" high, perfect for a short petite girl like me. and the best part is that they're comfortable to walk in. :D


update: somehow i receive email notifications of people leaving comments but they ain't showing up here :( i think there's a bug.. anyone experiencing the same problem? anyway for those who asked, shoes are from which i believe is a steve madden dynemite inspired design because i fell in love with the steve madden ones first but this is definitely more budget friendly. :)


Ashley Turner said...

Love those shoes! I'm tall and I'd totally wear them! xx

wulan wu said...

what brand are those wine?

Wulan Wu on

Elisabeth said...

Hi beautiful! U look great and the pictures are amazing! (: I really love your heels !

Would u like to follow each other?

xx from

min said...

Hi Wulan! My shoes are from :)

Elisabeth said...

tnks for ur comment! (: Follow u, Follow back? (:

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pretty affairs said...

the shoes are amazing!! they remind me of my Steve Madden Great heels! :)following you now x

Fashion R&D said...

Love the shoes--the color is perfect! Nice blog---wanna follow each other?

Unknown said...

Love this post!
Your blog is pretty !

Maybe want to follow each other? Let me know on my blog ^^
XX Tali

Femke. said...

cool outfit,
and gooorgeous outfit!!


Femke. said...

Yea, lets follow eachother!
I'll start with following you on GFC + Bloglovin,

let me know when you also follow me! :D


Fashion R&D said...

Following you now on gfc and bloglovin! Thanks dear!

maxime said...

i love your shoes!! i'm following you now! maybe you can follow me back? ^^


marykapsi said...

Amazing shoes!! <3