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i had a pretty pleasant sunday last week. david hates bread, cakes, pastries and stuff but he didn't object when i wanted to have lunch at maison kayser (although i think that's the last time he'll ever eat there). i love love love the croissant. it's the best i've ever eaten. it's so light and fluffy it makes me hungry thinking of it now. so anyway after lunch, we went shopping at zara. yes, shopping! my boyfriend didn't object to that either. it was a nice sunday. :)

so.. the weather has been crazy! lately when i plan my outfits for work, i keep repeating in my head "no pants, as little and as light as possible". the heat is insane. soon i think we all have to wear beach wear to work.

have a good week ahead! xoxo


Jenn said...

Liking your button-down! :) My bf hates anything sweet too! But I love sweets sooo much he is forced to eat too from time to time. :)

The Pink Lemonade Girl

samecookiesdifferent said...

Dear these pics are so delicious
x the cookies

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