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 so i think MATT BOMER should be cast as CHRISTIAN GREY in FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. everything about him shouts christian grey. good looking, that sadness, darkness in his eyes. if he ain't christian grey, i don't know who can be!

okay okay, maybe henry cavill. Photobucket but i still want matt bomer as christian grey.

 dear ms e. l. james, i read that you will have a say and approval in the lead cast, please give matt bomer a serious consideration. thank you.

i'm not crazy, i just really think matt bomer makes a good christian grey.

*photos from google images of matt bomer and henry cavill


la vie quotidienne said...

He looks perfect...amazing...and cool eyes =)


La Vie Quotidienne

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Edie said...

Henry Cavill IS Christian Grey! He has the looks,the body,the eyes & that boyish smile. Have you seen his Dunhill Black ads on you tube? Thay SCREAM Fifty! He also looks great in a suit. He has that oh what I want to do to you Ana look. Yet he can look innocently boyish & manly domineering to. On Tudors, he played seductive,domineering,sexy,classy,playful & has the charm to boot. He could do classy business Christian & also the painful submissive side to. he also has no problem with nudity (& who would with a body like that) or the sexscenes as he has done those in Tudors as well. He can play all 50 shades of Christian with no problem & his acting resume shows it all. His Dunhill ads alone runs like a mini 50 shades movie with the siut,helicopter fancy car & sexy heat with a female. As for Ana, I like Alexandra Daddario. She has the lo9ng brown hai,alabaster skin,blue eyes to big for her face & great lips for biting all the descriptions of Ana. At 26 she looks 22 yet is mature enough forr the explicit scenes. They would look great together. Matt Bomer is beautiful. But being that he is gay, I can't see him playing Christian. Christian is every womans dream of a dominating manly man with a sweet side. Even though Matt can play staright well it just would not be convincing enough knowing he is gay. Henry is all man & more!

Anonymous said...

Edie look up henry in hellraiser bloodline lust scence. Yeah ge was made for the part

Anonymous said...