roomies ♥


can you imagine we used to do this almost everyday when we were living together? take so many pictures and we never run out of expressions and actions. we do it in our rooms, living room, balcony, walking down macquarie street or along the brisbane river. it's been so long, the camwhore-ness has left me, sometimes i feel a little awkward taking photos looking so kawaii. then again with these girls, i'm willing to do anything for a photo!

we had pizzas at pepperoni's and boy, the pizza was HUGE.


it was a good mini get-together-reminisce-the-good-days-should-go-back-there-again lunch. in fact everytime we meet, we can't stop saying how much we miss those uni days. those days were so good, whenever work and life get shitty, we think about those days and instantly feel better (at least for me).


i love those days, i always tell people that was the best time of my life.


yiqin; said...

you girls look so cute <3

Style-Delights said...

awww..that is so sweet! Freinds are forever!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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