gold bubbles


feeling a little under the weather for the past few days but i guess i asked for it. you know how you crave the most sinful food when you can't have it? i was already feeling something in my throat but i wanted to eat indian food so bad yesterday and today, i spent the whole day (almost) lying in bed, drinking honey lemon and catching up on gossip girl and white collar. but i must say, it felt rather nice to be taken care of. teehee.

on the way back from the doctor, i asked if i could have macdonalds fries and ice cream (it taste so good when you pair them together, have you tried? dip the fries into the ice cream cone, it's good) but obviously my request was rejected and then i had more honey lemon before dozing off to lala land.

i have the weirdest dreams when i am sick. i think somewhere in between dreams i dreamt of natasha poly and karlie kloss. i asked them for pictures after MFW or someting.



marykapsi said...

Following dear thank you very much!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

lovely necklace!
I love fries and ice cream as well! very nice combo!

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