Happy... Valentine's Tuesday!


It's nice and sweet, but I'm not entirely sold. I really don't think I need the calendar to tell me when I should be more lovey dovey or have an extravagant dinner with my boyfriend and when he should get me flowers.

Do I think he should get me flowers on the one day of the year when they cost 3 to 4 times as much?


I think this day has been capitalised.

(But please do save the money for prettier things on other days! :p)

We can have nice dinners now and then, buy each other gifts for no rhyme or reason.

Now, any day, everyday, can be Valentine's Day.

p/s: Happy V Day to all my loved ones! Don't get me started on how I think V day is not limited to just your partner, but also people you love!



Steph Yt. said...

OMG that was SUUUCH a cute photo <3
happy valentines hun!

and thanks for dropping the lovely comment on my blog hun!



his little lady said...

ha, so true girl. today the mister and i are keeping things simple and just making dinner and cuddling and watching movies all night. simple and done.
we should always spread love :)
xo TJ