It's My Birthday

I'm turning 26 this Sunday. I don't have a wish list this year, I believe I have (almost) everything I need. What I want, they can wait.

This year the only thing I wish for, is that more people can help stray cats. As my friend, you should know I love cats more than Chanel. So if you thought of getting me a gift, I ask for your kind donation for the appeals on the Cat Welfare Society website via HERE. Even if you didn't, I sincerely hope you can do it because you are doing good by helping the strays. It's not for me, it's for them.

The appeals are for reimbursing caregivers who have brought stray cats with health issues to the vet for treatment. Sometimes, it's not health, who knows if they have been abused? Please help them, it is legit. Screenshots of receipts are also up on the page. Every bit counts. Even a couple of bucks will mean a lot.

If you do, please cc/bcc me in your email to CWS or forward the acknowledgement email to me at I will be very grateful to you, more than you know.

Even after my birthday, I wish you lovelies will continue to help these strays.

It would make my day. And their lives.


kaydoubleyou said...

happy birthday!

Alex said...

Happy belated birthday! I will help you save the cats haha. I literally bawled on New Year's Eve in London when I found a house cat that was obviously lost. :(