Terrorblade & The Tank of Shame

David has a couple of fishes in his tank that come in pairs. So one of swordtail pair is SO naughty it's a bully! It'd attack the other one so bad that the victim would hide in a corner and wouldn't come out. Other times victim just avoids bully like a plague.

I cannot stand bullies and to punish the bully, we bought a separation tank to prison bully!

When bully went into prison, victim came out more and swam in peace. Then, we realised that victim likes to swim past the prison and taunt the bully and of course bully went MAD. It miraculously jumped out of prison, on not one but TWO occasions, and went back into the tank to terrorize victim.

Bully is now back in prison and victim continues to taunt him by swimming past him, attempt to attack him by attacking the prison wall. But those times when bully escaped, victim hid like a coward. So we named victim "Humji" which means suck balls coward in Hokkien.

And as for bully, we named it Terrorblade because it terrorizes Humji and has a blade-like tail. AND of course if you play DOTA, Terrorblade is one of the heros! (we play DOTA alot)

Thank you for reading the story about David's fishes. I'll talk about Pinky and the Brain, Bumblebee and more, when we name them.


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Anonymous said...

your title for this post is major funny I want to roll on the floor now! -Lynnie