Die in hell, you animal abusers

most of the time, or rather, ALL THE TIME, i choose not to watch videos of animals being abused because it hurts me. you may think it's stupid and ridiculous but it breaks my heart and makes me want to cry.

as i write this entry, i am feeling VERY emotional and very angry. i almost titled this post FUCK YOU ANIMAL ABUSERS. that was how angry i am.

i got to know of this video via twitter and facebook of a fat woman dumping a cat into a close-lid bin, which i shall NOT share on my blog because i don't condone any of that rubbish here the one place i decide what i want to share.

thankfully the cat was rescued (6 hours later, imagine being trapped in a small dark filthy place for that long!) and is now recuperating at a vet's, but still in shock. the cat welfare society facebook page shared the latest picture of the poor cat and when i looked at it, that was how i got so motherf angry and upset.

look at this little helpless creature. what the fuck did it do to deserve anyone to treat it like rubbish, literally? i get it if some people don't like cats, or animals, but do they really have to abuse or torture it?

i looked at the cat and it's eyes, it's protruding whiskers, it's definitely still in shock and it looked so vulnerable it really broke my heart.

i am so crazily upset i really wish i could give it a home. let me tell you, cats are very smart animals. and they have fantastic memory. this thing that was done to it, it will remember and it will affect how it lives its life. if it's never going to be affectionate to another human being, we should all understand why.

lastly, like i always say and always curse, i hope all you animal abusers rot and burn in hell.


Alex said...

omg :( This made me so sad and angry. How anyone could ever hurt an animal is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Lol stupid cat

Anonymous said...

That is the dumbest cat I have ever seen I would smack it with a stick terrible cat horrible I hit it with stick terrible cat

Unknown said...
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