there are some changes going on in my life right now. basically, it all revolves around me stepping back into the cut-throat corporate world (but thankfully it has been manageable so far).

i enjoy and love doing the online fashion/shopping business that i have been doing for the past one year but right now, i guess i want and i need more. i have a fulltime job, BUT i also want to continue running clothesparade on the sideline. honestly, i personally prefer shopping at a full fledged online shop with shopping cart and instant payment methods like credit cards or paypal so i understand if my customers are suddenly not interested ever since the cessation of clothes&people. therefore, the site is STILL undergoing some changes before the shopping experience will be back to like before.

then, my job. i can't say i love it yet, but i definitely don't hate it. i'm blessed to be working with nice and wonderful people and i'm pretty excited about how far this will take me.

but in the meantime, i have been rather tired on weekdays. when i get home from work, i have my dinner and i literally plonk myself on the couch and watch tv in the most comfortable position possible (like legs in awkward name it). and the best part? i sleep before 12am! that's something i haven't done in a long long time. in fact, i feel like sleeping when the clock strikes 11. i can imagine how detrimental this will be to my social life. therefore, i am aiming to go out after work at least twice a week even if i am dying to get home to sleep.

and.. just when i thought i'll be neglecting this blog because of work = tiredness = lazy = no updates, i found the blogger app for iphone! the past few entries were blogged via my iphone, which was why they looked a little weird. i couldn't put the text after or in between the images, only before. and those fashion-related images were mostly screenshot from the popsugar app on my phone (i think i can live solely on my iphone).

so.. i'm just looking forward to weekends and public holidays now, and relax whenever i can like a big fat cat.

and erm.. i'm too lazy to read through what i typed for typos and errors. my eyes are half-closed and it's 10.30pm.




Estella said...

it's so nice that you try to combine the things you love with the things you need to do! good luck!! :)

min said...

thank you! :)