so... A&F is coming to singapore! isn't it lovely that all these brands that you once-upon-a-time can only buy overseas or online are coming to sunny singapore? H&M will be opening in a few months' time!

anyway... right smack in the middle of orchard road is this half, i mean, almost NAKED man. luckily i wasn't the one behind the wheel or we won't be having this conversation right now. HAHA! look how LOW his jeans are!



so last weekend i finally bought a new pillow after suffering several neck aches for the longest time. it is the most expensive pillow i've ever bought (i don't spend more than $50 on pillows you see..) but they say you get what you pay for, i slept very well last night and my neck is happier than ever! did you know, balmain had pillows!? thank goodness their pillows didn't come with their signature studs and spikes.

david helped me change my sheets in light of my new pillow and mischievously stuck the PAID sticker on my leg hoping it'll hurt when i rip it out. but it didn't. so when he wasn't looking, i sneakily stuck the same sticker on his leg! wish i had a video of his reaction or something. i couldn't stop laughing and i laughed so hard because i was so sure it would hurt more on his leg than mine.


but dang, i should have stuck it lower where there were more hair to pull out. haha!

on a random note, here's me wearing the mustard top from C. and my new sand-colored heels! i love it so much! it's almost the same shade as my skin, creating the illusion that my legs are longer, a very crucial illusion for petite girls.


i can't wait for this weekend to come! we're going ikea and we're gonna chow down 15 meatballs, 6 chicken wings and CAKES!!!


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Alex said...

I just love all the outfits you wear! Love that skirt.