come on let your colors burst

so i've been kinda busy and leading an unexciting life lately. sometimes i wish i could be one of those people who can party on a weekday or have so much going on even though they need to work the next day. where did they find the stamina and energy for such things?

if you're like me, unexcited and bored, especially at work (NOT cdot. cdot is ALWAYS exciting. ;)), excite yourself with your outfits! accessorize, wear colors! be it your bag, outerwear or shoes, bright colors make you happier instantly! it's true! it works for me. teehee.

after more than a month of serious consideration, i gave in to a bright colored zara jacket. i knew i had to buy this one when i started losing sleep over it.. HAHA.


over the weekend...


dinner date at high society; berries cupcake; killer wedges; topshop valentine flats

you know what else makes me happy? a lovely nail color! i used to paint my nails a different color every week until i realised it was very bad for my nails. but the colors made me so happy everytime i looked at my fingers - yellow, coral, fuschia, red, gold, neon pink, orangeeee.. i'm not crazy, colorful nails makes me happy.

lately i found the perfect base coat and top coat from


a good base coat is important because it kinda determines how your nails are gonna look overall as it is able to fill ridges and smoothen out your nail surface. furthermore, a good one takes care of your nails and prevents staining.

the seche vite top coat is the best top coat EVER. it is quick-dry and it literally dries your nails within a minute (if you're not too rough). i've tried painting my nails and have them completely dry within 30 minutes before i go out. i even wore covered shoes once which most pedicurist would disapprove because it would ruin the nails. but not with seche vite.

most nail salons are retailing seche vite at about $18 onwards but you can get it at $12.80 at!

DO YOU KNOW... you can bring your seche vite along when you do your manicure/pedicure? just ask the manicurist/pedicurist to use your own top coat because they usually charge an additional $2 for using theirs.

have a happy monday!

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Alex said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that jacket!