what if it's the end of the world?

this post is kinda very late. i'd saved all the images to blog but i only found time to do so now. caught world invasion: battle los angeles 2 weeks ago and i loved it! generally i enjoy watching war films, mostly because of the action and the reality of it. and battle LA was good because there was no romance! i mean, i love a chick flick here and there but come on, sometimes romance just makes a non-romance film cheesy.

some of the war films that came to my mind:


i loved pearl harbor so much i think i watched it more than 5 times. HAHA. the war scenes were just so awesome back then (i think i was only.. in my teens) and the romance was not too eeky. abit sad actually, girl meets boy, boy went for training and MIA, girl thought boy died, fell for boy's best friend, boy comes back, girl's pregnant, in the end best friend died trying to save boy and boy girl got back together and raised best friend's kid. LOL.

more recently..


most memorable part: matt damon's character was playing with a boy at his camp site who later disappeared and he found him dead with a bombs inside his body. the bad guys were trying to make him a human bomb. something like that.


this one's award-winning. more like a documentary-film, it's about the guys in an elite bomb squad in iraq. little bit of romance (like 5mins in total), lead character has a girlfriend whom he has a child, he seemed like he didn't give shit about his girlfriend but it is shown that he actually loves her, very much.



go watch it!

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