make up!

honestly, i was just testing my iphone camera (yes, it's amazing) and decided to take some pictures of my make up!

for most parts of my life, i'm mostly a concealer and blusher girl. AND eyebrow pencil because... i need it. then when there's an occasion, i do a bit more, like eyeliner and fake lashes. but that's not often.

even when i was working, i didn't put much effort into putting make up until i read on xiaxue's blog that women who put make up earn more than those who don't. HAHA it's true! from then on, i make it a point to look nice and presentable, everywhere i go.

i STILL don't use a lot of make up (or so i'd like to think), but these are my basics and staples:


mac concealer i've been using for 2 years! can someone tell me if it's bad? do i need to change it already?! \\ blusher from make up store \\ chanel lip balm \\ heroine-make eyeliner which i really like because the pen tip is so fine it's super easy to draw \\ maybelline lash stiletto mascara \\ chanel loose powder which feels SOOO light on my skin it's able to breathe. and it was a gay ex colleague who recommended me. haha!

i love how makeup colors have nice names instead of a number:


i have sugar muffin cheeks! how sweeeeet is that?!


no idea why they call it trip.. below picture is a bit off focus but hey, it's iphone not a dslr.


i love lipsticks but i don't like how it stains my water bottle or straw etc.

on a totally unrelated note... i need a new camera :(

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