make a guess why i posted the above picture!!!

is it H&M?

is it the hot model?

is it the nice bikini?


BUT the main reason why i had to blog about this is...

no matter what currency is it, the bikini top is FREAKIN' CHEAP!!!!

i need to go H&M right now!!! immediately!!!

i'm so upset i can't get such nice and (super) affordable bikinis in singapore. i'm upset that H&M is not here YET, and MORE upset that even when it's here, the prices are going to be so crazy i will find it ridiculous to even buy it.

i'd rather go hong kong for H&M and eat my favourite custard buns (po lo bao). one of my best buys from hong kong H&M last year was my stripey bikini set for about SGD20. i wanna shop at H&M so bad.

images via fgr

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