a (few) trip(s) to zara

last week i met my sister for a little shopping at zara because she had some vouchers to use and me, i simply couldn't resist the bright colors anymore!


subsequently, i think i stepped into zara 5 times last week, and my wardrobe now houses more bright colored pieces and a pair of leopard flats i've always wanted to have!


i am trying SO HARD (you have no idea) not to think about the hot pink bandage skirt i tried that is too sheer and too not worth the price. i will have to abstain from going shopping until my work trip next week. *takes deep breath*

are you loving bright colors as much as i do this summer? :)


Alex said...

Love Zara. I've noticed a huge price increase in the past few years though. Not cool!!

Asher said...

I'm definitely lovin' the bright colors this year, too! Those skirts are amazing!

wastedtalent said...

mmmm the first picture looked so yummy. like i could eat the skirts off of the rack....i wonder if i'm hungry. lol