you will be wrong

at some point in your life, you look at someone who owns their own business, be it the boss you liked and could get along with, or your own friend who is doing something on his/her own, you look at them with envious eyes and think that their life is so good, no nasty superiors or fixed working hours and you wish you could be your own boss. honestly, to me, these are the people who don't know.

when i, too, looked at my ex boss in the same way, he told me it's not easy. and he was right. damn right. and i know now.

people who don't know me, they think it's good. i don't care, i don't owe anyone any explanation of how much i think this is going to work out. everything takes time, and i have faith.

and for the people who know me, even if you don't say it out loud, if you think that i just sit home all day and do nothing much, even for one second, think of me as someone who's not trying hard enough, or worse, think that my business is never ever going to work, that i'm not able to bring home the bacon or whatever discouraging crap you can think of, you will be wrong. and i know one day you will realise that you are wrong.

but thank you, because of how you make me feel about my future, i am more determined than ever to show you that future.

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