pray for japan, pray for the world

i know it's cliche to say that we should pray for japan and feel devastated together. yes, i do feel sad for the people affected, i can only imagine how traumatizing it is for them to experience it first hand when i already felt terrible just watching the videos on news websites.

everytime a disaster like this happens, i'll tell my sister or my friends:

we're all gonna die.

it is evident that climate change is affecting the world. i can't remember exactly what happened, but it was along the lines of temperature not rising although it was supposed to get warmer, it snowed in hawaii, and even right here in sunny singapore, it was way too cooling in december/january. and as i typed this entry, tonight and the past few nights were too cool for this time of the year. my mom said it was supposed to get warmer already!

so when disasters happen and take away lives, i can't help but wonder is it because the earth is tired of us and our nonsense? disasters 'cleanse' the world by breaking up man-made structures, remove people from this world and 'start over' when we rebuild?

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