DONATE to Red Cross Japan

i've been wanting to do my part for the disaster but like most of us, i didn't know which organisation i should donate to because i'm not sure if they're real and if i can trust them?

then... i stumbled upon the option to donate to Red Cross Japan through DBS iBanking!

if you have a DBS/POSB account, it is simple, fast, reliable and doesn’t take up more than 2 mins of your time.

1. simply log on to your DBS/POSB iBanking account
2. click on Bill Payment
3. add Red Cross Japan Disaster as a payee
4. choose which account to make payment from, amount to donate and leave your mobile number as Consumer Reference
5. hit Submit.

click HERE to do it! (for POSB/DBS account holders)

people put so much money in POSB and DBS Bank so if you can't trust them, you can't trust anyone.

every bit counts. i've done mine, have you done yours?


p/s: i first tweeted it and eve asked me to blog about it so most part of the text is copied from her blog heehee.

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ice pandora said...

Second that + I'm waiting for my delivery Lady Gaga 'pray for Japan' wristband :) x