truth about diamonds


my reading list stack!

jk rowling - harry potter - philosopher's stone and chamber of secrets
lauren conrad - l.a. candy and sweet little lies
nicole richie - truth about diamonds and priceless

i only asked for nicole's books (on my wishlist) and so my sis got me priceless and jo openly told me she'd get me truth about diamonds. but when she gave me my present, i got lauren's 2 other books too! and in each of the book there's a handwritten note that says happy birthday and:

truth about diamonds - "no diamonds can be as dazzling as you"

l.a. candy - "you're sweeter than candy"

sweet little lies = "you're sweet, you're little... but you're definitely not a lie"

awwwww. this jo so MUSHY!!! but i like. HEEHEE.

and i just realised i got almost everything on my wishlist this year! finally a wishlist that people actually looked at! haha. i'm a lucky girl. :)

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