zouk-ed out

zoukout marked the start of my string of incredible weekends (to be explained later).

it was my first ever virgin zoukout experience, most probably my last too. it was fun while it lasted.

some info/statistics about my zoukout experience:-

lightstick bangles used: approx. 16 on both hands, collectively everyone used 3 boxes x 60pcs, approx 180 in total (there were a lot of spoilt ones though! they were made in china!)

LED finger lights used: approx. 12 on both hands (some died)

alcohol consumed: 1/2 a cup of lychee champagne and a few sips of moscato got me wanting fresh air

feelings: still hate mambo

amount of water/sweat lost: possibly 1.5L

time spent getting to tiesto: 30 most horrible minutes of my life

time spent at tiesto: 1hr

vulgarities hurled: lost count

close-up celebrity encounter: 1, hossan leong. so tiny. just like me.

that pretty much sums up my zonking-out at zoukout.

zoukout survival kit: somewhere to sleep, water, plastic bag(s) and kitchen towel


i love this time of december because there are so many things happening! my string of incredible weekends:

11/12 - zoukout
18/12 - very important birthday dinner
25/12 - christmas!
1/1 - new year!!
8/1 - my birthday!!!
15/1 - krabi!!!!

and of course, lotsa little fun and happening events in between. gonna start my christmas shopping tomorrow and thursday we're eating crabs!


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