lomo momo

besides the games, i would totally ditch my blackberry for an iphone just for the awesome photography apps! i lovveeee the below photos taken with the lomo app from not my iphone. but i did take them! heehee.

last week, i felt like i did a lot of things!


sitting in a car driving along orchard road. best time of the year to get caught in a jam, but only at night!

went to the beach! seriously need a tan because i was almost reflecting light off my body. while most people tell me how fair (in awe) i am, somebody keeps telling me i need some sun. so there we were..

a couple of us met lam who came down from malaysia for the standard chartered run!

after which, sophie and i finally got to spend some girl time together! i can't even remember when was the last time we spent more than an hour together. usually, actually most of the time, i'll meet her for lunch and that's barely an hour. spending time with her reminds me of the days in brisbane. <3

sunday was shelly's baby's full month luncheon. her bundle of joy was sooooo tiny i can't remember the last time i held sucha young baby in my arms! what a darling. :)

and of course, earlier this week we had our holiday shoot for C. after a one week hiatus.

got some interesting (like putting me in between 2 tall skinny girls making me look fatter and shorter than ever) pictures from the shoot, stay tuned! and don't forget to read the C. blog at www.clothesnpeople.com/blog!

can't wait for zoukout!


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