the list

i'm bored and i feel like blogging but i'm too lazy to upload pictures and edit them so... this is THE list since 2 big present-giving occasions and the new year is coming up, could very well be a list of things i need to get for myself in 2011. and honestly, i don't think people bother to buy things for you from your wishlist most of the time so i'm realllly not asking for anything (unless you are my sister. HAHA just kidding lynnie, don't threaten me!)

been changing and trying different perfumes and i still like incanto shine the most! i want to smell like this all the time!

opi sparkle-icious from the burlesque collection. so sparkly and pretty, instantly reminds me of jo's glitter heels, very apt for christmas! thank you lynnie!

eyeing this for the longest time! tiffany's initial charm necklace.

i like this return to tiffany bead bracelet because it's different from the typical charm bracelet that everyone has.

although my camera is not young anymore, i never once thought about getting a new one until this morning i realised the lcd screen was slightly damaged. if it's not a dslr, honestly canon ixus cameras are good for everyday use.

the truth about diamonds by nicole richie YAY! thank you jo!

priceless by nicole richie thank you lynnie!

laneige cleanser

and toner


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