incredible weekend ii: very important birthday dinner

donna carmela is the most italian italian restaurant i have ever been to. everyone's like family there and the ambience was very very very lively.

the parma ham was super yummy and that platter of cheese was pretty interesting. we wanted to know the names of the cheese so we asked host no. 1.

"this is cheese number 1, cheese number 2, cheese number 3 and so on....", he said with much humour.

so we asked host no. 2.

"this is something-O, another thing-O, something-O...*continues with italian names ending with O*", like valentinO, oreganO, bellagiO, you get the drift.

so we all just laughed, exchanged a look amongst ourselves and continue eating the cheeses, one of which tasted like horse stable. yes, YUCK. exactly how it smells like when you're at the zoo, but you taste it in your mouth. HAHA.

i think it's really nice to have a birthday dinner with just your close friends, talk over wine and food even if they're from different points in your life.


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