dempsey is one of the places i consider as a 'cannot go without a car' place but guess what?! jo and i managed to find our way from chinatown to dempsey by bus!! and a super long walk from the bus stop to blk 8d where the beauty emporium is, which also happens to be the furthest building in dempsey from where we started walking.

we went to the beauty emporium, where the spa esprit group house all their businesses in little sections like strip and browhaus, to collect the C. lucky draw prizes! we'll be going there again in january for something else so stay tuned!

then it was our double-date christmas dinner! a rather unconventional christmas dinner i would say. no dim lights, no napkins, no fork and spoon and polite wait staff. but it was AWESOME. we waited for an hour for the first dish to be served and when it was the creamy butter crab, it was worth it!

while waiting for the food to be served, d and v were talking about finance-related topics (i assume) and jo and i were playing around with the camera. so v totally had no idea what we were doing but when it was my turn, he stopped talking and gave me a 'look' which i don't know what it is... but it made me shy and awkward so the camwhoring stopped. haha!

nom nom nom

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