a day at universal studios

this one's my favourite! so funny!

we were wearing ponchos because it was pouring but surprisingly the rain didn't dampen our moods nor spoil the fun at all! i believe we were sitting on the steps of the new york library

the real new york library

the huge-ass new york pizza

good ol' jurassic park!

nipple cripple

i really loved the faux buildings, props and decorations. when we were walking past the gates of far far away, shrek's movie soundtrack was playing and i really felt like i was walking into the movie!

since we were in hollywood, i needed to have some obligatory paparazzi pictures!

guess who's spotted entering chuck bass's empire hotel?!

i know i look abit retarded here but if it says keep nyc clean, does it mean i can little right there because it's not exactly nyc?

more paparazzi pictures! :x

although the theme park wasn't exactly huge and full of interesting things but it was still fun! we managed to take all the rides that were open and watch the shows. :)

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