super random post but just felt like blabbering a little before going to bed. have pictures of bits and pieces from all over (last weekend... last last weekend.. last last last weekend..) but i'm too lazy. BUT in a continued attempt to increase my blog's readers, i shall do it tomorrow, after the clothes&people shoot (yes! new collection weekly!!). and you do realise that you'll be able to see some previews right? teehee.

anyway i think i have a talent. i can remember model's faces and their names very well. especially IT models and rising models whose faces you see at more than 3-4 shows per season. oh wait, actually my talent is my amazing good memory. sometimes i forget, but other times i'm really good. ok back to the models. so i have this few models who are my favourite because of their looks and their oh-my-gawd bodies.

i like sasha p because she's so cat-like. her eyes are sooo fierce yet she can look so sweet. she was the face of prada for a few consecutive seasons sometime back and i can't get sick of her catty glare.

i really liked karolina k too. she was the face of mango for 3 (or 4) consecutive seasons, face of la senza and of course, she's a victoria's secret angel! she was off the radar for a bit because of some health problems (she also got pregnant) which led to weight gain but now she's back and looking better than ever! why is it that all these super models regain their figure soo quickly it's as though they were never preggers?

anja rubik has the most amazing body. toned, skinny and soooo beautiful (shit i sound like a psycho). she rocked pixie cut and basically she looks good in any hair and any clothes.

ok i know this entry prolly wouldn't make sense to most of you cept' daphnee whom i don't think reads this space anymore but urm, i forgot what i wanted to say.

good night!!! remember to follow clothes&people's twitter for previews as well!!!



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