Formula One

it's been a looooooooooooong time since i wore my heels and put on my falsies so while i think about how i'm turning 25 soon and that right now i'm still quite young, i should party more! thanks to joy's invites, we got to party at the johnnie walker's jet black party at one on the bund!

you have to admit the singapore skyline at night is beautiful.

not exactly a beer person, the guinness is for posing purposes only!

the girls! i was so happy sophie joined us because the last time we partied together was more than a year ago at the now-closed double o at ms!

dear miss michibata, we swear we only did this to get your attention. we love you and your gorgeous genes.

david once again proved his excellent photography skills by getting us AND jenson button into one frame!

f1 the next day...

we overslept and by the time we got to the circuit, it was already in the evening AND by the time we walked to the zone where the performances were, everything's over except sean kingston :( i was DYING to watch chippendales! this was what i could have seen with my own eyes! explicit images ahead, taken from sheryl's facebook album. teehee.

omg. haha. just imagine how many girls will crash when his pilot suit is on the floor.

sean kingston looked reeeaaaallllllllllly big. so did mariah carey.

alonso and webber!

awesome view from the singapore flyer

by the way, if you like jo's nude dress from the jet black party, backorders are now open!!! the cowl front dress in nude and black, cowl front top in nude and black AND the anja sheer black blouse. available at clothes&people now!

also, there's a new entry on balmain spring'11 rtw on the clothes&people blog!



Joy said...

Glad you had fun at the party! Btw, how do you know Sheryl! Just when we were talking about how small Singapore really is!

min said...

hahaha small world man!!! she's my gf's friend from uni!