skin & skinny

that's right, the 2 things i am forever obsessed with.

as some of you might know, i am somewhat superstitious, especially when it comes to saying something good and the next thing you know is something bad happens! like... someone telling me my complexion is good (they haven't met my friend eve) and the next thing i know is a budding pimple!!!

recently eve (who has great complexion in my opinion, and oh wait till you see her mom who has fantastic skin at her age. better than mine i would say!) introduced me a new skin care line call aestier by dr's secret (my mommy uses dr's secret).

ever since i came back from brisbane where my skin endured the harsh conditions of the four seasons (ok i'm exaggerating about the harsh conditions but it's true that my once not-bad complexion deteriorated towards the end of my studies), i've tried a few products but didn't work except products for sensitive skin. since those sensitive skin products worked, i concluded that i have sensitive skin.

i was a bit afraid that my skin would react to aestier but it didn't! apparently, aestier is suitable for ALL skin types! after using aestier, my skin seemed to be more hydrated and supple.

if you think you have oily skin = hydrated skin, you are WRONG. i read somewhere some time ago that even oily skin needs hydration. the reason why it's oily is because it's dehydrated underneath so it tries to produce more moisture. another problem the lady who does facial for me always tell me is that my skin is dry on the surface and oily on the inside (visible when i look closely in the mirror). when this happens, there are a lot of tiny oil bumps on my skin which you can spot when you look closely. now that my skin is much hydrated than before, i also see these spots disappearing.

but with that said, good skin is not only about the products you use, but also sufficient sleep, water and nutrients. and DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE SUNBLOCK. i'm only 24 and i freak out when i see freckles appearing on my face. i try my best NOT to leave home without putting sunblock on my face and i wished i started using sunblock when i was younger!

in the aestier product line, there are also the sunblock, bb cream with spf and a hydration cream available. if you're interested in any of the aestier products, leave a comment or email me at to find out more!

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