diamonds are forever.... or not

We have a lot of friends.

Some we see all the time, confide our deepest secrets with and laugh at the silliest things that someone else beyond the same frequency wouldn't fathom. Some we see all the time but just talk about work and laugh at their jokes.

Some we don't see all the time but still able to talk about the most private things and do the most funny and crazy things together. It's like a magical bond that never distances itself. Some we don't see all the time and when we meet, it's always the same old questions about work, family and months later when you meet again, it's still work.. and family.

In my opinion, like our favourite shoes, restaurants and cafes, we also categorize our friends based on the experiences with them, how much affinity, chemistry and 'like' we have for them.

Our closest, bestest and favourite-st friends are like diamonds. Precious, makes us proud, makes us happy and never want to lose them.

And there are friends who are like gold, equally precious, makes us happy, don't wanna lose em' and you do love them dearly, but they aren't the names that appear immediately in your mind when you're in trouble or when you need help. Don't get me wrong, it's just natural instincts, not that you love these friends less. It's just the mental categorizing of your friends, it's natural and there is nothing wrong with it. Admit it, everyone categorize the degree of closeness with their friends, just that I am doing it using precious stones/metals.

We can't possibly be best friends with all the friends we have right? Realistically, there are also friends we meet in certain points of our lives that we lose touch with once that point in life is over. These friends, I guess, are like aluminium. At first it was useful, then it becomes useless, but GOOD THING, it can be recycled! I'm sure all of us, even myself, are the diamonds and aluminums at some point.

And not forgetting this category that we're all guilty of... the CUBIC ZIRCONIA. It's a synthetic gemstone that bears a super close visual likeness to diamonds and can only be differentiated by an expert eye. A.K.A the fake diamond, but equally pretty and precious looking. I'm sure I don't have to explain this, but you know what I mean by friends in this category.

And while googling diamonds, I found this:

On a totally unrelated note, I prefer my diamonds on my ears, neckline and fingers! Not my ride.

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Evey said...

I JUST BLOGGED ABOUT FRIENDS TOO! Seems like we have some unresolved issues with some friends or maybe just thinking about what they do makes us feel annoyed! hahaa.

min said...

HAHA geez. these annoying people.