blue eyes + bushy brows

3 of fall tv's hottest guys have 2 things in common!

yes, the oh-so blue eyes that could look through your soul and some thick bushy brows.

matt bomer as neal caffrey in white collar (awesome show)

chace crawford as nate archibald in gossip girl

ian somerhalder as damon salvatore in the vampire diaries

don't you think they all look a little alike and there's a gradual looking-better-and-better pattern from ian to matt?

here, here, here and here.


Debs said...

OMGGGGG! The white collar guy is awesome! :D I watch that show!

Steph Yt. said...

i swear this post has my FAVOURITE guys on TV! I am SOOO IN LOVE WITH MATT BOMER <3 so much so that i envy guys who might have a chance with him! i'm obsessed i know.. hahahha!
hes just sooo dreamy and perfect! great post ;)

Ginger and Lace