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you know it's summer when..........


These are my (new) favourite tv shows since they axed ugly betty after the last season :(

Anyway, the season finales left us all hanging didnt they?! i have to rant about it so if you haven't watched it, spoilers ahead!!!

vampire diaries - katherine's back!!! gosh what's gonna happen when elena sees the infamous lookalike bitch in the kitchen?!

fringe - i knew it!!!! i knew they got the wrong olivia back. but question is, they needed olivia to open the 'door' because she was cortexiphan-ed but since the other olivia hasn't been cortexiphan-ed, how did they open the 'door'? hur hur, loop hole, no?

last but not least.... OH POOR CHUCK. YY and i both think that he ain't gonna die because this is the only way he's able to get blair back - injured and all, possible loss of memory. you know what i think? if he does lose his memory, it will take the entire next season for him to remember and the season's finale he and blair will be reunited.

on a very random note, i went biscuit king at casuarina this afternoon and bought so much junk food! ear biscuits, ginger biscuits (taste like gingerbread man) and that biscuit with colorful icing!

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