all dressed up for cavalli

no, alldressedup did not collaborate with roberto cavalli but that's what jo and i did last weekend for audi fashion festival - we dressed up to watch the 2 shows!

mr cavalli makes the most gorgeous dresses. i have decided that i don't need 5 different gowns for my wedding in future. just a vera wang for the day and a roberto cavalli evening gown for the dinner (though i believe these 2 dresses is equivalent to 10 or more different wedding gowns). HEEHEE.

she made me stand nearer to the camera so that our height difference will not seem too significant.

i'm babysitting the doggie this weekend but i doubt i'll be bored because i'm so hooked on fringe i'm gonna finish season 2 by sunday!

haha i'm kidding (my eyes will be crossed on monday if i do).

have a good weekend!

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