yes! i am back from my long awaited holiday to dim sum land (ironically we didn't get to eat a lot of dim sum?) and i know i should be very free these days now that i'm newly unemployed but i seem to have more things to do! very well, i need to keep myself occupied. :)

so 2 tiny girls (it's not that bad when we go out with taller people but when you put both of us together, oh gosh, we're just so tiny and short together) set off for hong kong in almost empty luggages (of course it came back full + an extra hand carry).

isn't it a good idea to have baskets for your selected pieces? especially at H&M where we both went crazy with basket full of items..

no prizes for guessing whose loot is the bigger pile...

now that i don't have an office to wear these to, let's go to nice places so that i can wear them shoes!

it's a lot for one post isn't it? i'll save some for another day.


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