my girlie weekend

Since my sister was home for the week and I'd wanted to visit the museum, we decided to visit the National Museum. Before that both of us went down to SSDC to register for our Final Theory Test! The lady at the counter must have been amused, or found it weird, actually maybe even normal that two sisters were at her counter, giving her our ID which had almost the same names, same addresses, almost the same hair cut in the ID, booked the same test date and time and bought the same handbook. Everything came in pairs. At least I found it amusing. SO, hold your breath people, I am finally going to be one waiting for you in the car outside your house instead of you waiting for me at my carpark! Wahaha!

The Love Tanks, stacked on top of one another, in the midst of a rubble. I felt as though I, too, got run over.

So, it was the Verner Panton Collected Works at the museum.

I loveeeeeee this studded wall. Imagine it opens up to a shoe rack behind, housing all the kick-ass fashionable studded/strappy/snakeskin skyhigh heels. WOOooooo.

Then, it was the Christian Lacroix exhibition.

Amazing drawings and sketches by the costumier himself.

I suddenly lost the feeling to type any more things, but I just wanna post this picture of Jo and I.

People always mistaken us for sisters. Really! :)

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