When will I finish posting pictures of my damn-long-ago holiday?

I love breakfast. Good breakfasts make my day. I'll do anything for breakfast like this everyday.

Love the colours, love the graffiti.

We were so happy we had Foxtel! Everytime we go back to our hotel, the first thing we do is to switch on the tv. Look what's on tv??!

We chanced upon this uber cool cafe along Chapel Street.

I told you I'm a big fan of ang moh breakfast.

When we were in Melbourne, Sophie and I bought a book each and whenever we didn't feel like shopping, we would find somewhere to sit and read our book. :)

BY THE WAY, I overhead the conversation between this dude and his friend. Apparently, this dude is 19 years old. It was ABIT shocking.

Okay that's all for today. I should finish posting all Melbourne pictures in the next entry. I have so many new pictures!

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