Road Trip Part II - Melbourne

After another (approx.) 12 hours of driving from Sydney, we finally reached Melbourne. It was like a big Chinatown where you see more asians than anything.

Duck Inn was really a great place to stay in at Mt Buller. The people were very friendly to us and it made our stay much more enjoyable. The inn itself was pretty homely and cosy, and the food was also fantastic. Oh oh, there were duckies everywhere in the inn you know Lynnie..

Skiing was a bitch! And that was only me because Sophie and Adele were so pro at it. Thank goodness for the free ski lesson, I managed to stop tumbling down every slope that I attempted to ski on.

Melbourne was soooo cold! We had hot chocolates almost every other day I think. All I remember was that I drank a lot of hot chocolates. Anyway, the best hot chocolate (and other chocolate-related dessert) in Melbourne City has to be from Koko Black. In a way I'm happy to be in Brisbane because I'm so sure I'll gain 50kg if I live in Melbourne. There's too much good food there - oh-so-yummy gelatos and lots of asian food.

And in summary...

I felt like I didn't want to come back to Brisbane because I had so much fun during our road trip.
Melbourne was too cold for me and the Brisbane feels like Singapore.

Adele showered me with lots of affections (verbal, mental and physical) HAHA.

I really enjoyed myself during the one week away from Brisbane.

I'll be home in less than 2 months.

I love my housemates and friends here. They're family.

Lynnie loves me.

I need my dose of shopping in Topshop and Zara.

Ok nevermind, I think I'm digressing and this doesn't make sense anymore.

Ok bye.

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