I am back!

We're supposed to be pia-ing our assignment but I can't wait to post pictures of our road trip. I had a lot of fun. :)

Road Trip Part I - Sydney

We set off in our gorgeous white camry.

After 12 hours of driving, pee breaks, drivers switching, anti-hype and hip hop and r&b and country music, we finally reached Sydney.

We had breakfast at a really fancy looking restaurant MacDonalds.

We hanged around in the city and casino.

David and my falenciaga.

Food at the Sydney Fish Market was AWESOME! So good that sea gulls attacked our food and stole 4 pieces of our sashimi! Damn it.

We slept in one of the mall's car park for about 2 hours, freshened up in the toilet of Sydney Opera House before another 12 hours' drive to Melbourne. Oh yes, we didn't bathe for one day. What a wonderful experience I tell you.. I love this road trip!

Melbourne up next.

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