So as per the Singaporean kiasu way, we left home at 8 for EKKA on Friday morning, hoping it would be less crowded compared to if we went on a Saturday or Sunday. It's like a mega fun fair with lots of fun rides, games (that cheat your moolah), food, farmers biding for cows, horse-riding, petting zoo with all the baby animals, dog shows and our day ended with some horse racing competition between Qld, NSW and Tasmania (and OF COURSE, Qld won. Since it's EKKA which is held in Qld, Qld generally wins everything), bull riding, freestyle motocross and fire works. The freestyle motocross was awesome man! I love it.

The dogs at the dog pavilion were all so cute! The dog owners were generally nice and would allow you to touch their dogs. My mummy will looovvee the Sha Pei.

This picture is for LYnnie! Ducks, piglet and don't eat BEEF! Save the cows!

EKKA at night. Sophie and I took this skyride/ski lift looking thing and it was so damn cold and scary.

Muacks Sophie. :P

The wheel/tyre was taller than US! Ok I mean.. just me.

Everyone was carrying what they won, like BIG elmo, BIG unicorns, BIG cows, BIG ponies and BIG carebears. Nicholas won me a hairband that has 2 gold glittery hearts sticking out like feelers. Sophie and I played this fish the duck game and won a pathetic little cow. We call it Ekkie, the purple cow from EKKA.

AND finally.... doing the only thing i'm good at, my favourite pictures from EKKA.

That's almost all from EKKA. I wish Singapore had something like that? It's really fun.

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Unknown said...

wow... the carnival looks like its a whole lot of fun. The pics for the ferris wheel look great.