Byron Bay, NSW

This entry's gonna be about Byron Bay so pictures of my room and to-die-for wardrobe can wait till tomorrow. Afterall, I have no lessons tomorrow and the weekend is here again. *big grin* I love uni life, but I'm also sure that my love will turn into hatred as soon as assignments start. But what the heck, live for now, not tomorrow!

I haven't seen the world, but this is the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen. The beach, the sky, the waves and everything is so gorgeous. I thought waking up at 5.30 to watch sunrise at Terengganu with Daphne was breath-taking until I saw this at Byron Bay. And trust me, it was so darn cold I believe my fingers were frozen. I even managed to see a shooting star! First time in my entire life can? I'm not in the navy or what lah, so I can't see shooting stars all the time when out at sea. Everything I saw at Byron Bay just took my breath away. It's so damn beautiful. BTW, below pictures are not photoshopped in anyway, only resized. Check out the awesome colours..

I want my wedding solemnization (how do you freakin spell it) to take place HERE!

Isn't it lovely.

Clare called me just now and told me he's on his way to pick up the book that Lynnie has bought for me because I wanted it. Yay! Thank you loves. *heart*


Lynnie said...

yeah.. and i freaking bought a hard cover edition instead of the cheaper paperback one..

damn it..

Unknown said...

From the blog entries, you seem to be enjoying yrself there at Aussie with lots of sightseeing and fun.

min said...

the sight seeing has ended with the start of the school term and without a car. hahaha. i'm looking forward to mid sem break. i wanna go melbourne!