2013 coachella fashion

 photo coachella1_zps889cab8d.jpg  photo coachella3_zps8fedeffd.jpg  photo coachella4_zps8815ff53.jpg  photo coachella2_zps1ea6056c.jpg

i LOVE looking at celeb's choice of fashion at coachella. it's like the music's secondary but the fashion comes first, at a music festival. they're all glammed up but in a casual way.

check out some of my favourite coachella fashion last year here.

photos via justjared.com


livlovelaugh said…
I do like the casual cochella fashion i must say. Also, it makes me long for the warm weather~

livlovelaugh said…
i like your korea visit entries ^^ so i followed you. Feel free to follow me back~

I wish I could be in Cali for cochella!
Kate and Michael are so cute and sweet together!!

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Edita said…
Adore the simple & chic outfits :)

Nicoleta_B said…
So many stylish pictures.

Have a Lovely evening,


Kyra said…
What a great Post! Would be awesome If you‘d take a look at my Blog too - would love to keep in touch with you! Maybe you like to follow each other!
Lots of Love, Kyra

carrieanne drew said…
Some gorgeous festival outfits I love this season

Carrieanne x

Johanna said…
Hello sweetheart,
Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I appreciate it.

I love this kind of fashion, super fun and colorful.
Great post.

♥Lots of love.

Bree said…
This is great inspiration for the summer and especially for a laid back hot summer day ;)


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