december baby (i)

eve, who is now officially in her mid-20s, getting crowned as birthday girl!

someone brought lightsticks and i was so excited to wear a few. and then i felt like some sorta lightstick princess having a halo on my head. i know it's hard to believe but i actually feel shy and awkward when people (or i) take pictures of myself. HAHA. really. and when this was taken, we were on our way to another location for eve's 2nd surprise and a pair of eyes were looking at me, judging my cam-whore-ness. haha!

was trying to dig for old photos of eve and i but i resorted to facebook. we all look so young and... WEIRD. haha!



Evonne said…
min said…
hahaha thank you! it's the angle and freshlook illuminate! :x

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